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TAS/ADA Plan Review and TAS Inspection Forms

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1. TDLR Project Registration Form  - (PDF)
2.  Texas Code Review TAS Plan Review/Inspection Order Form - (PDF)
3.  Proof of Submission Form - (PDF)
    (required if project is submitted by a Licensed Design Professional)
4.  Request for Inspection Form - (PDF)
5.   Owner Agent Designation form -  (PDF)
      If a person/entity, other than the building owner (person who holds title to the real property), is
      signing the Request for Inspection form, then an "Owner Agent Designation form" must be
      completed by the building owner and accompany the Request for Inspection form.

NOTE:    Forms 1, 2 & 3 (form #3 if applicable),  are Required for Texas Code Review  to
             perform TAS Plan Review  services.
               Forms  2, 4 & 5 (form #5 if applicable) must be completed for TAS Inspection
6.  Inspection Response form -  (PDF)
7.  Variance Application  -  (PDF)
        (Note: must be submitted with Project Registration form directly to TDLR)

8.  Special Registration Form  -  (PDF)
      NOTE:  This form is only for projects that are LESS THAN  $50,000 in estimated
      construction cost. 
      (Texas Code Review Form #2 must also be submitted with this Special Registration Form)

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